WGD - Werner Grabe Development

Founded in 2005, WGD executes design and development activities for elastomer products in civil engineering and tunneling.

Dr.-Ing. Werner Grabe is a civil engineer, experienced in design, development and process engineering of rubber profiles and sealing gaskets since 1984.

Main fields of activities

  • Process technology continuous extrusion and vulcanization of profiles and hoses
  • Gaskets for tunneling
  • Seals for concrete pipes and shafts (sewage water)
  • Seals for glass-fiber-reinforced pipes (drinking water)
  • Seals for concrete pavements for highways

ES RUBBER cooperates and develops together with Dr. Werner Grabe, a leading expert in sealing solutions and engineering applications, with more than 30 years of experience.

Dr.-Ing. Werner Grabe