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ES Rubber offers a wide range of sealing products and solutions for global industries – infrastructure, construction, water systems, automotive and transportation.

Rubber has become an indispensable resource for human society, providing durable, elastic and insulating raw material for countless applications we rely on every day.

E.S Rubber Group has been at the forefront of the rubber industry for over 50 years-
designing, manufacturing and supplying superior rubber solutions for the most demanding applications across a wide range of fields.

Whether for transportation and automotive, water and sewage systems, infrastructure, or construction…
E.S Rubber offers an impressive array of both custom and off-the-shelf solutions for any industrial need.

We work with a vast range of materials and elastomers with various mechanical properties and offer advanced production processes, tailored compounds and a full range of technologies- as a one-stop-shop for all elastomer product lines. These include extrusion, injection molding, compression, mixing & compounding, joint vulcanization, self-adhesive rubber, and additional technologies.

Our professional teams in Israel and the Czech Republic work closely with our customers to develop high quality, robust end-to-end solutions- from initial concept to final quality inspection and adherence to the highest global standards. We take great pride in our industry expertise and our proven track record of successful projects around the world.

With flexible production runs, quick time-to-market and creative ingenuity, we have the capability to create the very best rubber solutions that will change the way we live and work.

E.S Rubber Group – Sealing, Insulating, and Protecting – for any industrial need.

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