ES RUBBER manufactures high-quality, textile-reinforced industrial hoses for a variety of applications: water, air, gas and fuel, welding, air and vacuum brakes, hydraulics, and automotive heating and cooling.

Whatever your product needs, we strives to provide superior quality, custom or off-the-shelf products. We also accommodate special requirements (short hoses, colored hoses, custom branding/printing on hoses). As with all ES RUBBER products, we provide expert technical service and support at every stage.

Our Hose department produces industrial hose with bore sizes from 3 to 38 millimeters, according to a recommended work-to-burst pressure ratio of 1:3, 1:4 (or according to customer requirements), and working pressures up to 80 bar.


  • Hoses are manufactured from conventional and advanced elastomers: NR, SBR, CR, NBR-PVC, NBR, CM, EPDM, and Hypalon®.
  • ES RUBBER places an emphasis on quality. All products undergo stringent quality assurance and reliability testing. Products comply with EN, ISO, BS, DIN, MIL-STDS, SAE, NEN, NBN, SIS, and Israeli standards. Our facilities are QA certified to ISO 9001:2015

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