Injection & Compression Products

ES RUBBER manufactures high-quality, form-shaped products (pressed, injection-molded, cut and products combined with metal or plastic inserts. We manufacture products and devices from a variety of compounds and elastomers, with various mechanical properties and according to customer requirements and international standards.

We design molds and manufacture products, maintaining the dimensions and meeting the requirements specified on drawings or files received from our customers. The entire process is accompanied by professional engineering support and based on the accumulated knowledge of 50 years of experience in engineering design and manufacturing. We offer technical support in development processes from the early stages of die and tool design to process panning and through to high-quality product manufacturing.


  • Pressing machines with vacuum capabilities up to 350 tons
  • Injection machines up to 2.5 liter capacity
  • Auxiliary equipment for calendaring, cutting, surface treatment, deflashing process, as required

Water Control and Agriculture

ES RUBBER manufactures fabric-reinforced diaphragms from a variety of raw materials (NR, EPDM for drinking water, NBR, silicon) for industrial and agricultural water controls and fire extinguisher valves. Diaphragms are produced in custom shapes, with and without plastic or metal inserts.
Diaphragm for control values are produced using pressing and injection-molding technologies.

Transportation and automotive

ES RUBBER manufactures products for the global automotive industry are used in vehicle safety systems. Precision molded from FKM and FVMQ, they are highly resistant to fuel and oil, with tolerances of + -0.03.

Our quality control systems are equipped to handle millions of items each month in accordance with the strict quality requirements of the automotive industry.

We offer support in all aspects of development from die and tool design, process planning to high-quality product manufacturing, and provide required testing certification. In special cases, we offer prototype production and FAI and PPAP approvals.

Construction and Infrastructure

ES RUBBER manufactures seals for sewage and drain systems, inlet seals for sewage trenches, and a variety of different seals for construction and installation systems.

Inlet seals and gaskets are produced from NR, NBR, EPDM, SBR and injected with a high level of efficiency and accuracy. All compounds are tested according to EN681 and other relevant standards.

Seals for Filtration Systems

Seals for filtration and irrigation systems are produced by pressing and injection molding in complex shapes and of various radiuses with hydraulic sealing capabilities. Based on EPDM or NBR, and including compounds approved for drinking water, we develop and produce seals for water filtration systems and sealing systems in accordance with strict standards for drinking water.