Hydrophilic rubber profiles

ES RUBBER is generating innovative solutions for civil engineering and tunneling applications and many other construction needs.

These hydrophilic rubber sealing profiles increase in volume by absorbing water. In case of contact with water, the profile expands to enhance sealing pressure.

The unique ES Rubber hydrophilic rubber seals absorb water and expand. The volume increase creates an effective sealing within construction element joints.

This innovative rubber material can expand up to 800% of its original size. Expansion can be controlled and customized according to the rubber compound design (based on EPDM or CR). The hydrophilic rubber compound restores its original size once the expansion process is finished.

Property Test method ES Rubber value
Specific density 0,9 g/cm³
Hardness Shore A ISO 37 65 ± 5
Tensile strength at break DIN ISO 53504 ≥ 4 N/mm²
Elongation at break DIN ISO 53504 ≥ 200 %
Type of test
Volume change in tap water (%)  28 days at 23°C 800
Volume change in salt water (solution of 1% chloride & 0,5%

SO3) (%)

28 days at 23°C 450
Weight change in one wet-dry cycle, swelling in distilled water (%) 28 days at 23°C, oven +1.8

drying until weight constant