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Great infrastructure starts with the wide variety of seals and profiles we offer for applications such as sealing, monitoring, and control of water and sewage transmission infrastructures. From production through extrusion lines to advanced Injection and Compressing processes.

In the field of water filtration systems, we are manufacturers of seals that include mixtures approved for use with drinking water. In addition, ES Rubber produces a very wide variety of seals for sewage and drainage systems, plumbing systems, and more.

In the field of manufacturing products using Injection and Compressing technologies, we specialize in the production of custom-made shaped products, from shaped seals in different geometries to seals combined with a variety of reinforcing fabrics, products combined with metal, plastic inserts, and more.

We are leading manufacturers in many production technologies that provide a solution for a very wide range of diaphragms for the leading control body manufacturers in the world.

The diaphragm produced in our company is used as a non-return valve in the water passage for opening and closing and is a significant component in the functionality of the control bodies.

In the field of pipe production, we produce pipes in unique mixtures and with textile reinforcements for various uses. One of the unique applications is the development of a unique pipe for transporting hot water up to 120 degrees, for heating greenhouses in cold countries.

In the field of profile production, we produce technologies unique to the world’s leading manufacturers of gaskets, and seals that are approved for contact with water in unique geometries and widths of up to 600 mm.

In addition to that, in the construction market, we specialize in the production of water stops used for sealing concrete castings in basements and parking lots.