The general structure of ES RUBBER hoses includes a resistant lining (according to the type of material that passes through the hose), a layer of reinforcing threads made of special textile types to add strength to withstand the necessary pressures (work and explosion) and a protective layer to meet the conditions characteristic of the hose’s working environment.

Each family of hoses are designed and produced for specific use. Hose selection is based on type of material passing through the hose, measurement and pressure. Most hoses are designed to withstand 3 times more burst pressure than work pressure.

Available in a variety of standard colors: black, red, blue, yellow, blue or special custom colors (coordinated with ES RUBBER’s Marketing Department).

ES RUBBER water hoses are designed for transporting water for use in irrigation, fire-fighting and fire extinguishers, wheelbarrows and washing machine installations.

Most hoses are manufactured from EPDM rubber mixtures with high resistance to heat, wear, radiation, ozone and other environmental conditions.

They are suitable for use in transporting hot and cold water for transporting water-based solutions and a variety of chemicals.

The hoses are not for use in transporting oils, fuels and petroleum-based solutions or products.