Tunnelflex seals with hydrophilic material
Advantages of ES RUBBER sealing gaskets
  • Fulfill STUVA recommendation
  • EPDM 70 IRHD rubber compound fulfills EN 681-1 requirements
  • Exclusive W-bearing system gives overall system stability and flexibility
  • Soft gasket corners (EP06015942) ease ring build and prevents concrete spalling
  • Gasket corners available in 80°/90°/100°/one-leg-twisted
  • Injection molded (shot vulcanization) EPDM gasket corners
  • Gasket corners available with hydrophilic material properties
Advantages of ES RUBBER hydrophilic rubber profiles
  • Unique hydrophilic rubber seals and profiles absorb water, increase in volume and expand when they come in contact with water. The volume increase enhances sealing pressure and creates an effective seal in construction element joints.
  • This innovative rubber material can expand up to 800% of its original size. Expansion can be controlled and customized with specific compounding.